Grounded in the Episcopal tradition, we take worship seriously, but don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We think you’ll find depth and beauty in our worship and music, and warmth and humor in our worship leaders and parishioners.

When is worship?  Main services are Sunday at 8:00 (quiet, simple, with no music) and 10:00 a.m. (with choral and other music and other activities). To find out more about worship and our scheduled services, click on the highlighted links.

What’s it like? We follow the pattern of worship common among many Christians called the “liturgy.” The word means “work of the people,” so worship here isn’t a spectator sport. We sit, stand, and sometimes kneel as we join together in song and prayer. Our rector typically leads the service and gives a sermon. We always celebrate Holy Communion together, and are sent out at the end in service. We draw mainly from the Book of Common Prayer but also use other liturgies and prayers from around the world and across Christian traditions. Our music can also be diverse‒ traditional English hymns but also meditative chant, spirituals, and world music.

What about children? Everyone is warmly welcomed from the youngest to the oldest! In our service, Lift Every Voice, the music and prayers we learn by heart in this festive gathering will be part of future services (and may echo in your head and soul all week.) Come begin your morning worship with song!

Our Youth Ministry offers a special program, Godly Play. Children who attend Godly Play join the congregation before communion. Based on the Montessori method, Godly Play is a spiritual formation program that shares our tradition’s sacred stories and provides the time and means for reflection that is kinesthetic, prayerful, and playful. Children join the rest of the congregation before communion.

There’s a staffed nursery available for the youngest, however, children, no matter how squirmy or fidgety are most welcome in the service itself. We recommend sitting close to the front so they can see all of the actions of the liturgy. Crawling about and coming and going are welcome too.

Click here to see which Sundays have LEV and Godly Play gatherings and which are Full-Community Sundays.

How long does it last?  The 8:00 a.m. service lasts about 40 minutes. The 10:00 a.m. service lasts an hour or a little bit more. Following the latter service there’s an informal coffee hour in the large room behind the altar.

What do I wear? Please come as you are. You’ll find a healthy mix of sweatpants and dresses, neckties and jeans.

Can I receive Holy Communion?  All are welcome to receive at Christ’s table.

Am I expected to give money? No.. In fact, many parishioners now make their offering electronically, so the life-long St. John’s parishioner who serves on the vestry may not even be putting something in the plate. If you do feel moved to contribute, know that nearly 25% of what St. John’s receives leaves here to support ministry in the wider church and world.